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About the owner:


We’re a San Francisco family. Two of our (grown) children live in town and are making a go of it, while one is in Los Angeles on the road to stardom. Kevin is from DC, Kristen from Berkeley. We lived in Spain during a boom time in Spain from 1995 to 1998. We were so lucky to have lived in Barcelona. It is the best of the best, though, or course that might hurt San Francisco’s feelings. But Barcelona has the size, history, and depth that warrants the accolades.

Why the owner chose Cruïlles, Province of Girona, Spain:

We bought this house at the tail end of a 3 year stay in Barcelona in 1998. Against all the naysayers in Spain , we managed to refurbish and renovate the house and have used it ever since. The old stone houses never lose their charm and resilience. We’ve had family to the tune of 17 strong in the house, and it didn’t even wince, nor did the town. And the beaches, the countryside and the medieval towns are what bring us back. We never get tired of it.

The unique benefits at this house:

The thing about this house/village/Costa Brava is the peaceful beauty, the range of beaches, and yet world class amenities in a country environment. This is why the cognoscenti from all over Europe come to the Alt and Baix Empordan.”

About the Management Team:

For the Management team of the house, you can call “Call Carlos” +34 972 963 015 “They are a fantastic team from the Netherlands who will check you in and answer any questions you might have. Their headquarters are in Calonge, 15 minutes from Cruilles. They will help you in a responsive, professional and personal way.”

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Address: 17 Calle de la Iglesia

Cruilles, Cataluña, España

Phone: +34 972 963 015

Business Hours: 8a-6:30p M-F, 9a-2p S-S