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Biking through Costa Brava is absolutely gorgeous! You are out in country air and enjoy the fields, flowers and hillsides. Here are some bike routes for you to get acquainted with the area.

Here is a pdf of all the official trails marked by the tourism department! It’s a little tricky to make out on the map, but once out on the road, you will see bike “bread-crumb” stickers found on trees and sign posts that point you in the right direction. Fortunately, everything is nearby, and if you end up getting lost, you can always stop at one of the towns and enjoy a Fanta or Coke :).

If you’re looking to try out the longer rides, our at-home bikes won’t cut it. If you aren’t bringing your own, let us know and we’ll arrange road bikes for the group.

Cruilles – Sant Sadurni – Monells

Total miles: 4.6
Elevation Gain: 422 ft.
Est. Moving Time: 30:00
Map on Strava
Map on Google

Quick, short route to see the nearby towns!

Cruilles – Calonge

Total miles: 25.8
Elevation Gain: 1792 ft.
Est. Moving Time: 1:43:26
Map on Strava
Map on Google

This is a beautiful ascent, amidst trees and foliage. You end up at the beach, but remember, you’ll have to go up again :). The final descent is super fun.

Big Loop – Sant Feliu/Calonge/La Bisbal

Total miles: 60.8
Elevation Gain: 5931 ft.
Est. Moving Time: 4:00:00
Map on Strava
Map on Google

This route is for the real endurance riders. You cut out over the mountains until you hit the sea, and back up over into town. Let us know what you thought of this ride once completed!

Cruilles – Peratallada

Total miles: 10.8
Elevation Gain: 594 ft.
Est. Moving Time: 45:00
Map on Strava
Map on Google

If you’d like to eat lunch in a pretty town, you can bike past La Bisbal to Peratallada. This is a good ride to get used to the bigger streets, and you’ll find some great places to eat there.

Cruilles – Girona Loop

Total miles: 36.7
Elevation Gain: 3646 ft.
Est. Moving Time: 2:26:45
Map on Strava
Map on Google

We haven’t been on this route, but it’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful. This would be a good route if you want to stop in Girona.