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Whenever I visit Spain, I remember how much I love drinking this country’s wine. Spanish wines cost a fraction of what you would pay for a French or Italian wine, and they provide a friendlier, less pretentious experience. Despite having an ever growing number of Michelin star restaurants, I suspect that the only reason Catalunya has avoided super inflated prices is because there hasn’t been a Netflix documentary covering the region yet. This is something I’m perfectly ok with.

Spanish wine is approachable, classic and ready to enjoy every day. Unlike its expensive neighbors, Spanish wine evokes the feeling of being in on a well-kept secret: sitting on the terrazza at sunset, relaxing with some friends, olives, and pan con tomaquet (that’s bread with tomato).

One of Spain’s top wine regions is in Costa Brava, near the Cantorre. If you are a wine lover,We’ve mapped out some fun wineries in the region. They are grouped by proximity so you can plan your wine tasting tour accordingly!

Wineries in Calonge

These wineries are over the hill, and close to some beautiful beaches (Sant Antoni de Calonge and Palamos). What better way to spend a Saturday than visiting some wineries in the early afternoon, and spending the rest of the day near the beach?

We would love to help arrange your wine tasting tour so that everything goes off without a hitch. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in, and we will contact the wineries to get times, availabilities and prices for you.

Mas Gil

This is the most expensive wine in the region, with bottles that sell in the US for upwards of 250 dollars. Luckily, you can buy the same bottle for 80 dollars at the winery.


Apt. Correus 117. Afores s/n. E-17251 Calonge (Girona)

+34 972 66 14 86

Mas Eugeni

This winery mostly produces red and rosé wines. DO Emporda certified wines.

Celler Mas Eugeni

Mas Eugeni, s/n

17251 Calonge (El Baix Empordà)

(+34) 972 650 184


This winery is famous for its avant garde architecture on the property, and more luxe ambiance. This winery is supposed to have a great restaurant as well. Let us know if you want us to book a wine tasting and dinner for your group!

Camino de Bell-lloc s/n

17230 Palamós, Girona, España.

+34 97 231 62 03

Mas Molla

This winery is proud of its traditional Catalan wine making, having been established in 1338! These wines are completely organic, without any extra additives or sulfites. If you go on a tour here, you will most likely be guided by one of the Mas Molla family members. The tour includes two wine tastings.

For eco lovers: they don’t label their wines! This keeps production costs down, and allows for local customers to return their bottles for monetary reimbursement. I am a huge fan of this: I return my juice bottles for a rebate, why shouldn’t I do the same for my wine? Super cool.

17251 Calonge (Girona)

+34 972 65 01 36

Mas Ponsjoan

Much like Mas Molla, this winery is family owned and run, and they make wines the same way their ancestors did centuries ago.

972 65 16 26


In their own words.


Our winemaking philosophy is to use sustainable farming methods to ensure that the wine is made with utmost respect to the

environment while leveraging modern-day technology and expertise.

This concept continues throughout the winery and through the production of the wines. Viticulture practices with strict regulations and a passion for winemaking have led EccociWine to become the first Spanish winery to be Carbon Zero certified.  The result is a collection of high quality artisan wines that are terroir-driven, with a sense of place.

Paratge de Mont-rodo 3 Ctra. GIV-6701 Km 4.2

17462  Sant Marti Vell

34 872 000 015

Wineries near Bisbal d’Emporda

These wineries are very close to the the house (green point above), and most of them you could even bike to!

Sota els Angels

This winery is actually in Cruilles!

Apartado Correos # 27

La Bisbal d’Emporda

17100 Girona (Spain)

+ 34 872 006 976

Celler Mas Patiràs

This winery resides inside the Jardins de l’Empordà botanic gardens, Celler Mas Patiràs uses only Grenache, Samson and Syrah grape varieties grown in the 6-hectare vineyard belonging to the estate.

Jardins de l’Empordà – Jardí botànic

17110, Fonteta

+ 34 972 64 26 87

Mas Anglada

This winery is owned by Luis Conde, the president of a prominent Spanish executive search firm. There is also a gourmet restaurant on site.

Mas Anglada

17110 Forallac
El Baix Empordà

(+34) 972 225 508

Mas Oller

The winery has been producing award-winning wines since the 18th century. Well known winery for the region.

Mas Oller del Mas Oller,
17123 Torrent (El Baix Empordà)

+34 972 300 001