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10 Best Beaches Costa Brava Baix Emporda

There are just so many beautiful beaches on La Costa Brava that in order to narrow them down to our Top 10 we decided that for the purposes of this blog we’d concentrate only on the Baix Empordà stretch of the coast. We’ll take a look at the beaches of the Alt Empordà...

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Prices for Petita 2020

There is a $80/ E73  per visit october to March price/night  $    50.00  €              45.00 3 night minimum weekend  $    55.00  €              49.50 april price/night  $    54.00  €              48.60 3 night minimum weekend  $    67.00  €              60.30 May...

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10 Towns to Experience Carnaval in Costa Brava.

Sorry that the translation doesn't seem to work!  I guess the translator is only for pages, not posts. De ruta per 10 carnavals empordanesos Us portem 10 propostes per escollir el carnaval que encaixi més amb vosaltres Foto: CEDIDA Els millors carnavals són a...

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10 Fantastic Sites to see in Girona

This great blog post from my friends at CallCarlos covers the 10 top things to do in Girona.  I would add that it is quite easy to do do women's shopping in Girona also.  You can park at the Maragall Parking Carrer de Joan Maragall and there a many shops within a few...

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Bell Loc Restaurant review

Another great review by Kakos with fantastic photos too.  This restaurant is 35 minutes from the house towards Platja D'aro.  ...

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Catalan Holidays 2020

Just for the record and planning purposes!

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